Hey Everyone! We're here with a special episode of the podcast, featuring Jeremiah and his friend Alan Gerding of Tuesday Knight Games as they chat about the latest and greatest thing in the realm of Geekdom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

BE WARNED! There are TONS of spoilers in this episode! So don't listen if you've seen it yet!!!

You'll get to hear the first hour of the episode here, and if you want to hear the rest you can tune in over at the Tuesday Knight Podcast, or just hang out here and we'll publish it in a week or so!

Thanks for tuning in, and we'll see you next time!

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It's our ninth episode of the Theology of Games Podcast!!

Featuring your favorite segements! Fire and Eis! Fill in the Blank, News, What's on the Table? and more!!

We also make a VERY big announcement during this episode,  so check it out!


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After just a year we've finally produced our next episode! Hear what's up with us, and what we've been playing! 

Segments in this month's episode include:

What's on Your Table?

Fill in the Blank

and, Fire and Ice!

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